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Welcome to the Business Coaching Foundation

Here at the Business Coaching Foundation we are experts at delivering results. Coaching and mentoring help you and your business to achieve the tangible, measurable and instantaneous results that you desire. Let us give you the skills that will take you forward and make you stand out from the crowd.

All of our solutions are designed around the clients' specific requirements; never losing focus on what the programme needs to achieve. By using our huge wealth of knowledge and expertise within the coaching, mentoring, learning & development and business arenas, we can build you a unique and ground-breaking programme that is guaranteed to gain the desired results and sustain long-term performance.

Either let us give you the skills to become a professionally qualified business coach and excel within your company, or let us give you the focus and drive to achieve all of your goals and aspirations via 1-2-1 or executive coaching. Choose from a highly bespoke intervention or a selection of Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) coaching options; for example, our widely recognised and well regarded ILM Level 5 Business Coaching Certificate Programme. Or, alternatively, choose from a range of non-accredited business coaching courses; all of which are designed to deliver you the desired skill-set for success. Every business coaching option that you require - bespoke or accredited - is catered for at the Business Coaching Foundation.

Our expertise also expands into other areas of learning & development; or 'Other Expertise'. Let us devise and build a programme that is specifically tailored to your organisation and its' future goals and aspirations. For over 25 years, even before the inception of the Business Coaching Foundation, we have been creating and delivering bespoke learning & development solutions on a global scale for large corporate clients as well as individuals. Let us create a programme for you that will inspire, drive and deliver commercial results in areas such as leadership, management, interpersonal skills, sales, customer care and employee flexibility.

Be Efficient

All businesses should aim to be an efficient & streamlined operation. If a business aims to expand and grow then efficiency is a key factor.

Be Effective

At the Business Coaching Foundation all of our programmes are designed to bring truly effective results to our clients.

Be Innovative

The Business Coaching Foundation prides itself on being innovative and pioneering when it comes to both business coaching and its' other areas of learning & development expertise.

Be Successful

Every programme that the Business Coaching Foundation has ever designed and delivered has been created in order to generate success and progression.

ILM Coaching

As an ILM approved centre, we offer a number of ILM courses in coaching & mentoring, as well as ILM management and leadership qualifications.

Our range of Level 3 and Level 5 courses offer ILM qualifications for team leaders and first line managers, right up to CEOs, directors, corporate executives and senior management.

To see the complete range of the accredited ILM qualifications we offer, please click here.

I thought the course was brilliant and quite life changing (not wishing to be too dramatic about it). I came away a changed person.

HR Business Partner - Atos

The Business Coaching Foundation's ILM Level 5 coaching programme is an excellent course for anyone involved with coaching. It teaches you theories and gives you practical experience of coaching. All felt very comfortable and I learnt lots of new skills. Thank you.

Senior Trainer (Design) - Nationwide Building Society

This is the first Business Coaching Foundation course that I have attended and I was very impressed not only with the course content and structure of the course, but also the quality of the trainer. As a result of my experience I will definitely consider the BCF for course provision in the future.

Superintendent - Gloucestershire Constabulary

Overall I feel this experience will absolutely enhance my performance as a business coach. I love it when you come away from a development programme with lots of practical tips that can be applied in the workplace immediately. Worth taking two days out of the office; can see real return on investment. Well facilitated, informal, interesting with plenty of healthy discussions.

Coaching & Development Manager - Avon Cosmetics

Management Training

As well as our business coaching programmes, we also offer a range of bespoke and ILM accredited management training courses for those new or existing managers who either need to sharpen their managerial skills, or, for those who are new to a management role, an introductory course such as First Line Management training.

As far as managers and executives are concerned, management training can often go hand in hand with business coaching provisions. This is because both have the goal of improving the effectiveness of the manager or executive in terms of satisfying the responsibilities which their role entails, albeit in a slightly different approach. Whereas business coaching with an external coach will comprise largely of discussions and the creation of action plans relying primarily on the lead of the manager themselves, management training courses will teach them information, and although it is likely to contain some exercises, is far less interactive than business coaching sessions will be.

Business coaching can have a dual advantage when it comes to improving the performance of managers. Firstly it can provide a forum for a discussion with the manager to identify the areas in which they can improve, either through their own admission or being recognised by the coach and pointed out to the manager or executive, and is quite often an issue which the manager never even considered but would be highly beneficial for their development. After identifying these areas, suitable management training courses can be identified for the manager to attend which will teach them information and tips which should greatly improve their knowledge and proficiency in this subject. Afterwards, business coaching sessions can be utilised to create action plans regarding how the manager will implement and put into place their newly-acquired knowledge, as well as subsequent sessions to evaluate the success or otherwise of these changes, and to discuss possible alterations and revisions to the actions if necessary.

To find out more information regarding our management training provisions, please visit our dedicated management training site Management Training Courses UK which is located at www.managementtrainingcoursesuk.co.uk.

Become a Business Coach

Become a coach and mentor to others

Providing business coaching to others can not only be rewarding for the person providing the coaching, but will also greatly improve the effectiveness in the job role of those they are coaching. More and more companies are recognising the importance of business coaching in today's business environment, and as such are either bringing in external business coaches to provide an objective and impartial view during the coaching sessions, or are training up members of their workforce to become effective business coaches so that they can provide coaching to others within their organisation.

To be an effective business coach requires training. At the Business Coaching Foundation we provide a number of options for those seeking to become a business coach.

Our most popular accredited business coaching qualification:

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management

Aimed at anyone involved in people development such as managers, team leaders, directors and supervisors, this coaching programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and provides a detailed, pragmatic approach to coaching and mentoring using the very latest techniques. Run over three consecutive days, this ILM Certificate course has been designed to develop the capability of leaders to positively impact the performance of individuals and teams. For more information regarding the ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management, including scheduled open course dates and prices, please click here.

Our own most popular in-house business coaching courses:

Foundation Certificate in Business Coaching

This programme has been run to great effect over the years for numerous companies and organisations, including divisions of major corporations. Previous attendees have included chief executives, general managers, HR managers, production line supervisors and office staff. It is run as an interactive two day programme which will transform people at all levels into effective work coaches, enabling them to apply coaching techniques immediately in everyday work situations. It will also provide a measurable standard to any internal coaching currently offered. For more information regarding the Foundation certificate, please click here.

Advanced Certificate in Business Coaching

Following on from the Foundation Certificate in Business Coaching described above, the Advanced Certificate in Business Coaching builds upon the skills learnt in the Foundation Certificate by taking a more in-depth look at how to coach others using additional and invaluable coaching techniques. For more information regarding the Advanced certificate, please click here.

Speed Coaching

For those who do not want to commit to taking a number of days out of the workplace, our 1-day Speed Coaching course is ideal for those who want to discover a bit more about what business coaching is, as well as providing an excellent tool for managers to use when providing coaching to their employees. The simple methods clearly defined during the session will allow anyone to coach in a fast moving commercial environment, bringing similar results as many formal coaching methods can. Read the outline and scheduled dates of our 1-day Speed Coaching course by clicking here.

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Managers have a role both during and after business coaching has been provided
A Manager's Role During and After a Business Coaching Session

Along with the individual themselves, an employee's manager is one of the most important people for shaping their development. The support and dedication of a manager to the cause can make all the difference between success and failure when it comes to professional development.

This article looks at a manager's role both during and after an employee receives business coaching to increase their effectiveness in the workplace in terms of helping to achieve the company's objectives. It also looks at who assists the managers and executives themselves when it is them receiving the coaching.

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Unsure of which option would be most suitable for you or your company's employees? Call us on 0844 800 3295 or send us an online contact form and we will be happy to provide additional information and advice regarding your particular requirements and which option would be best.

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